1130 Springfield Road, Kelowna BC

At St. Paul’s, we worship in the tradition of the United Church of Canada, a protestant denomination that cherishes independence of thought, openness to God’s Spirit at work in the world, and commitment to peace and justice for all. The Song of Faith is a verbal picture of  the United Church theology.

Our primary gathering time as a community is Sunday morning worship at 10:00 am. Sunday services last about an hour and is followed by a time of fellowship and refreshment for all in the hall.

On a Sunday Morning at St. Paul’s, you can expect…

  • An Usher, who will greet you at the door and give you a service bulletin, which outlines the service for the day, as well as any announcements for the community. The usher may also lead you to a pew, if you wish, and is happy to give you any directions you may need.
  • A Service Bulletin, printed on paper, which outlines the service of the day, including all the words of prayers, the hymn numbers, the scripture readings, sermon title, and choral anthems of the day, and announcements for the weeks ahead. The service bulletin indicates in bold face when there are worship words which are spoken by the whole congregation. The service material is also on a digital projection at the front.

…and you can (nearly always) also expect…

  • A Prelude  Usually played on the organ, this music begins our service by bringing us into a quiet space.
  • A Call to Worship which gathers us together and open our spirits to God’s Spirit in our midst.
  • Scripture readings usually from both the Older and Newer Testaments of the Bible. The readings will always be projected on screen, but you are also welcome to follow along in your pew Bible.
  • A Sermon, varying in length from 15-20 minutes, reflecting on the meaning of the scripture reading and its message for our lives today.
  • Hymns and Choral Music Hymns (sung by everyone) and Anthems (sung by the choir) which draw us into a contemplative space, encourage us on the journey, or inspire us in joy and thanksgiving.
  • An Offering – collected in plates passed by the ushers – is a tangible sign of our commitment to the work of St. Paul’s locally and globally through the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church.
  • Prayers of God’s People and the Lord’s Prayer. Our collective prayers for neighbours near and far, for those facing particular circumstances, and for ourselves, concluding with the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples.
  • Commissioning and Benediction – the words that send us out into the world with God’s blessing.
  • Postlude Usually played on the organ, this music ends our service by sending us out into the world with joy and energy.
  • Fellowship Time after the service, all are invited to enjoy each other’s company over a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of juice, and snacks.